Deanna Meyler, Ph.D., to Present at the Corporate Researchers Conference in Dallas,Texas.

August 19th, 2013

Deanna Meyler, Ph.D., partner in charge of strategic planning and smartargeting, is presenting at the Corporate Researchers Conference on Thursday, October 17, in Dallas, Texas. The purpose of the conference is to show how insights are maximized through recent case studies and real life experiences. They hope to provide practical applicable solutions to research challenges. Deanna is part of a keynote panel, where she will be one of six speakers sharing their real life stories of how, in their research positions, they encountered challenges and persevered.

Deanna Meyler is partner in charge of strategic planning and smartargeting at Bozell. With a doctorate in sociology, and thus a keen eye for cultural trends and consumer insights, she helps her clients connect with their audiences in meaningful ways. Eighteen years of qualitative and quantitative research methods, data collection, data analysis, and report building experience guide Deanna to find the right methodology for even the toughest of questions and pinpoint patterns in consumer behaviors that spark engagement-building strategy.

To learn more about the conference and to register, visit the Corporate Researchers Conference Website.