Behind the Scenes at the Borsheims Engagements Photo Shoot

June 7th, 2011

In late May the Bozell team embarked on a two-day photo and video shoot capturing images for Borsheims’ 2011/2012 Engagements campaign.  This is the first time Borsheims has used custom lifestyle photography to create an emotional connection with consumers.  The campaign aims at capturing the intimate slice-of-life moments a couple shares every day – from a simple glance to a foot nudge under the breakfast table.  These are the little things that create a couple’s forever.  And that forever all starts with an engagement ring from Borsheims.

The reputable Borsheims brand is often perceived as expensive, exclusive and intimidating to couples in their 20s and 30s looking to get engaged. The “Forever” campaign was designed to create an attainable, accessible look to attract shoppers at every price point.  Bozell worked with Minor White Studios to capture real couples in well-known locations around Omaha giving the campaign a genuine, local feel.

The sincere emotion and romantic undertones would make any girl say, “I want that to be me!”  Here are some behind the scenes photos from the two-day shoot.  Stay tuned for the final campaign!