Baked Beans and Social Media?

June 9th, 2011

Jay Bush and his faithful canine companion Duke. It doesn’t get more ‘aw shucks’ than that. Everything they say about themselves is down home, comfort food, old fashioned family values and wholesome goodness. Their messaging invites you to eat their beans and implies that doing so will enable you to become a part of their warm and wonderful bean family tradition.

Warm and fuzzy and so very old fashioned. The very antithesis of our fast paced digital world – right? I mean technology is for the forward looking not the backward leaning. Not so fast. Bush’s Baked Beans have found a way to make their homey, old boy persona a natural for social media. In fact their new tv spot – designed to show you how well they fit into the world of social media – manages to illustrate how they’ve adopted Facebook as a communication tool both for external messaging as well as for their home grown intra-family jawin’.

Bush and Facebook .

For those of you who have not yet seen their new tv spot it is brilliant in it’s simplicity. A shot of Duke’s Facebook message in search of buyers for the Bush family secret bean recipe – the one he’s been trying to sell surreptitiously for years. And Jay’s immediate Facebook response consisting of a one word recrimination – Duke!

From those two Facebook-style fragments we learn that Bush’s Baked Beans are social media savvy in a way that is not inconsistent with their down home and campy brand. Smartly done!