Appreciate What You’ve Got

April 8th, 2010

I had the fortune of attending the Omaha Business Hall of Fame Gala tonight at Omaha’s Qwest Center. Much like many after-hours work functions, my initial anticipation was that we’d be saying hi to familiar faces and then sitting through the standard presentation of boring Old Guy Stuff. I was pleasantly surprised to leave the event with a different feeling altogether.

What I feel now is a sense of pride and gratification in being from Omaha. We’ve got a good thing going here. Some of the honorees tonight have had (or still do have) a direct impact on my everyday life. I’ve lived in Mr. Seldin’s properties and done work for his company. I’ve done work for Mr. Moglia’s company. I’ve eaten at Mr. Mercer’s restaurants and enjoyed his family’s legacy in Omaha as one of my favorite aspects of the city. I grew up in Mr. Benson’s neighborhood and gone to the schools there.

Every one of the honorees tonight was exceptionally deserving. They have had a definitive positive impact on what makes our City great.

Omaha may not be New York City or San Francisco. And that’s not something we should compare. It’s Omaha. And it’s a good place to be. I’m proud to be from here and to have what I feel is a personal connection to tonight’s honorees. Thank you for making Omaha a better place to be. All I can do is hope to make any sort of contribution that could leave the city a better place as well.