A Unique Tribute to a Great Man

March 29th, 2012

This week, Leo A Kelmenson, Former Chairman of Bozell Jacobs Kenyon & Eckhardt, was inducted posthumously into the AAF Advertising Hall of Fame.

Leo meant a great deal to a lot of people who worked at Bozell over the years. The stories about Leo and Lee Iacocca were fascinating. And occasionally we were privy to special incentive programs to buy Chrysler cars — that’s how I bought my first one and today I still drive a Chrysler, albeit a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

As a tribute and to honor him in memoriam, David Wojdyla (who was ECD at Bozell’s Chicago office when I first met him) had a brilliant idea to harness social media. So he went to work in creating a ‘first’.

Here it is, from the Bozell Alumni LinkedIn Group:  presenting the world’s first congrats ad by a social media discussion group (for a mad man posthumously inducted into the AAF Advertising Hall of Fame)

Leo Arthur Kelmenson Memorial Poster
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Thank you David for putting this together! Leo would love it. I’m glad to see so many familiar faces again.