A new record for the history books!

February 9th, 2010

Take this bit of trivia knowledge down all you aspiring game show contestants out there.

This past Sunday, Super Bowl XLIV managed to break all records and surpass M*A*S*H* as the most watched television show in history.  Viewership for the Super Bowl came in at 106.5 million, up from 98.7 million viewers last year.  The series finale of  M*A*S*H* previously held this title since 1983 bringing in 105.97 million viewers.

Sunday’s Super Bowl also had the most ad time in history. At 47 minutes and 50 seconds of ads, it beat last year’s Super Bowl ad tally of 44:50. Forty-one companies advertised, buying a total of 66 spots (excluding ads aired by the NFL and by CBS).

Anheuser-Busch was once again the top advertiser, with nine spots, followed by Hyundai with four. Dot-coms held the top ad category, with 5:45 seconds of ad time from eight different companies. Automakers and beer companies were the next top advertising category, tying at 5:30.

CBS acknowledged that it was attempting to get more inventory out of the game in part because of an influx of late advertising inquiries. One way it did this was by selling a number of :15 spots. The game included seven such spots, compared to none in the Super Bowl last year.

Two of the best-rated individual TV markets were the markets of the two teams in the game:  New Orleans and Indianapolis.  New Orleans earned top market share overall with Indianapolis coming in fourth place.  Washington, D. C came in second and Nashville was in third place.  Nielsen says a major winter storm in D. C. kept viewers in their homes, which pushed up viewership.