A Blog is a Blog is a Blog … or is it?

February 26th, 2019

The short answer:

This is a blog post, not a blog. Blogs are a collection of blog posts, which can be any length. Even three sentences.

The long answer:

There seem to be a big misconception regarding blogs, one which I try and correct at every given chance. A blog is an online diary or publication. While writing this piece, I know that it will be posted to Bozell’s blog. This piece, however, isn’t a blog, even when posted online. This will be an article, or a blog post. A blog is a collection of blog posts. Asking people to read your blog is fine, but if you’re referring to one article on your blog, just ask people to read your post. I know it reads like a rant (and it is a little bit), but using the right vocabulary helps present ourselves professionally.