Our Take: AdWeek’s “Blowing Up The Work/Life Balance Myth”

June 19th, 2017

The June 5th issue of AdWeek features an article on the work/life balance written by Kate Jeffers from Venables Bell & Partners. The entire article is based on Jeffers’ premise that work/life balance means work is all bad and life is all good. But that’s wrong.

Work/life balance means you need to have a balance between your work and your life. Working too hard can really stress you out, but not working hard enough can at times be equally as problematic to an individual’s emotional well-being.

Jeffers boasts that she has a wonderful work life. Well, here’s a news flash: she’s not alone. But just because you enjoy your career, doesn’t mean that you don’t need to worry about balance. There are even times when employees will work outrageous hours in an attempt to avoid unpleasant situations at home. Employers watching the wellness of their staff must be mindful of these situations.

Jeffers goes on to further state that her life is not all perfect. Is anyone’s? The fact that she feels a need to state this in writing makes me wonder about her efficacy as a lifestyle resource in any capacity. This is hardly the revelation of a deep, dark secret.

In closure, Jeffers states that, “I don’t presume to be way out in front of this topic.” I’d say that’s a crushing understatement.

In summary, I think the concept of work/life balance is essential in keeping a check on your own life and also a critical gauge for employers to keep a check on the lives of their employees. We monitor our staff to ensure that they are maintaining a healthy balance and that diligence rewards us time and time again.