Not a Bad Way to Spend a Saturday

April 3rd, 2010

I’m so not a morning person. And typically on a Saturday I sleep in, but this morning my husband and I  were up, dressed, and out the door at 8:30am to go pick up the iPads we had reserved.

The reserved line at 9am was a bit longer than I anticipated given so many people dissing the iPad. But it was a decent day, no one in line complained, they brought around coffee and the folks at the Apple store had the system down.  The blue-shirted folks were everywhere. And several buyers cheered as they walked out of the store. And we all cheered with them. Everyone was in a good mood. Within a little more than an hour we were in and out with our new toys

Got mine home, synced it to my Macbook and in minutes I was off and running.

My husband didn’t get off so easy.

Our iMac at home is about 3 years old and had been having some problems, so he couldn’t get his iPad to sync. After an OS upgrade, another couple trips to the Apple store to get an external hard drive and take the iMac to the genius bar, he was set.  And shockingly he never complained about the multiple steps he had to take. Frankly the entire day left a good impression on him about Apple. I had told him there was no way he’d get into the genius bar today, but he did, they took care of it and he was a happy camper. Pretty impressive given the stress the staff was under today (apparently they all had to get there at 5am as the truck only delivered the iPads at 5:30 this morning.)

Just another example of how Apple gets it right and builds their tribe. Lots of happy fans playing with their shiny new toys today. I know I sat out on the deck and played with my iPad all day until the battery died.  And only then did I consider that perhaps I should actually do something useful…like laundry.  Instead, I wrote a blog post.  I’ll do laundry tomorrow.


  1. Sean Bryan says:


    I must admit I’m skeptical of the device, but I’ll have to use a friend’s iPad in person to pass final judgement.

    You may be interested in this article, “How Apple Got Everything Right By Doing Everything Wrong” from Wired:

    The one time I needed Apple tech support, they shipped my MacBook Pro to their Texas repair center that evening, replaced my motherboard the next day, and had it back to me on the third day by 1pm.

    Macolyte going on five years now.

  2. Thanks Sean for passing on the Wired article link, it’s a good story.

  3. Brian Wetjen says:

    I am continuously amazed at the loyalty Apple is able to breed in fans (and I count myself as one) for things we just don’t actually need. But boy – do I THINK I need it. And I WANT it. And Apple does such a great job at making things that are useful and attractive. Big props to them on the iPad. I see another major shift that just launched Saturday.