It Takes Time to Ripen

July 27th, 2017

To me, you can’t spell summer without B.L.T. … ok, well you actually can, but you get the idea. A B.L.T. always reminds me of summer, and it’s the perfect sandwich to describe my summer this year.

FYI: a B.L.T. is crafted using leafy romaine lettuce, a dab of mayo, the crispiest slices of bacon and a ripe, juicy tomato. Is your mouth watering yet? This sandwich can’t be perfect unless all the ingredients are in their optimal state for sandwich making—whether that’s ensuring the bacon is extraaa crispy or the tomato is fully ripened. This key step is something that takes time and can’t be rushed, especially if you don’t want to bite into your sandwich and respond with “Meh, it’s alright.”

I was abroad in Barcelona, Spain, when I discovered Bozell’s internship program. I figured I could easily trade in a Spanish chorizo bocadillo for an Omaha Reuben, and I decided to apply to the program on a whim. After receiving the PR/Social Media intern position, I thought that if I could go to Europe for the first time in my life for four months, I could easily move to Omaha for two months over the summer. Nothing could stop my adventurous self.

Now, if you’re waiting for the big plot twist that I have set you up for, don’t get too excited. My summer has been nothing short of incredible; but, like the perfect B.L.T., my summer experience has taken some time to ripen into full-on perfection.

Coming back to the good ‘ole US of A after being abroad for a semester and jumping into my first full-time work experience definitely required an adjustment period. Yet, the staff at Bozell made that adjustment much easier than I had anticipated. Although I was still learning the ropes and gathering my bearings (and, yes, making some mistakes along the way), Bozell provided the perfect environment for me to learn more about agency life and grow as a public relations professional. I know that even on my last day at Bozell, I’ll still be learning—and that’s exactly what I wanted and needed to get out of this summer.

Looking back on the beginning of the summer, I can confidently say that my ingredients have ripened, and by the end of the internship program, I’ll be able to bite into my B.L.T. and say “Wow, now that’s a sandwich.”