Flash Mob, Cash Mob, Carrot Mob, Oh my!

March 28th, 2012

Flash mobs are relatively familiar to most people these days. Groups of seemingly regular people blend into their environment until the right moment when they start to do something different such as dance, sing, pretend to die, or build something. Sudden dancing and singing or other pleasant change often happily surprises unwitting onlookers. Having participated in a couple flash mobs, they are also a lot of fun for the people who know what is happening. There are lots of great examples, but one of my favorites was a cooking flash mob for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

Cash mobs are a more recent type of mob. The idea is to share one is happening at a locally owned business through social media (Twitter and Facebook). The participating mob is expected to arrive with $20 each and spend the money at the business to support the local economy. In addition, participants are expected meet at least three people they didn’t know before the event and have fun. A recent article highlights the Cash Mob purpose.

Carrot mobs have been around for a few years, but are not quite as famous as flash mobs, yet. This kind of mob focuses on helping raise money for environmentally friendly improvements to local businesses. When a business agrees to participate, it promises to dedicate a large portion of profits from the event to implementing a socially responsible change to the establishment, such as lighting or roofing improvements. Something special is planned and advertised with the anticipated improvement to drawn in locals and encourage them to spend money. I have been to two of these events and both had live music, lots of food and drink to buy, and I met new people. I found the events to be a lot of fun.

Any of these mobs could help a local business or non-profit meet several goals. Exposure, fundraising or profit increases, and positive experiences with locals are only a few possible benefits.