Dear Facebook…

September 11th, 2017

Dear Facebook:

I can understand why you would back your audience reach claims to the hilt. You are selling audience reach and if there’s doubt as to your accuracy and methodology, that’s a problem for your bottom line. You need credibility or your product loses its value.

But steadfastly claiming that your national reach of adults 18 – 24 is 41 million, when the census just last year declared the country total to be 31 million, as this article states, is really not cementing your claims of accuracy.

Clever of you to throw in the fact that behavior factors into your equation and that your numbers are not meant to mirror that of the census bureau to muddy up the details; but guys, no amount of shuffling is going to get you past the fact that there are only 31 million people in that age group in this country. Behavior does not multiply an individual.

Going back to my early years in media, I am able to draw on one inalienable fact that has served me well over time: the numbers can’t add up to more than 100%.

Now about your claim that you’re reaching 60 million 25 – 34 years old when only 45 million exist in the U.S. …