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June 20th, 2011

Kim Mickelsen

Good Clients Make Good Friends

I ran across this post today and really like it. Sometimes in the day-to-day stress of the job we need a little reminder.
Treat clients like friends:

Understand they have bad days, good days, days they need you and days they need to be left alone
Give them a second chance if they make a mistake
Give them a hand when you can
They have different levels of knowledge (sometimes you have to walk them through things)
Show them something new, Read More

August 3rd, 2010

Robin Donovan

A Simple Way to Improve Your Writing

Most people use three different sentence formats when they write. With only these three variations your writing can get monotonous. If you expand your repertoire to include six additional sentence formats your writing will automatically seem more sophisticated and be more appealing to the reader. Don’t let the “grammar” scare you, once you read the examples it all starts to make sense. Here are the different formats that can transform your writing and they’re very simple to master if you use these guidelines:
Main clause: subject + verb + completers

Jeremiah walked home. Read More

July 22nd, 2010


Online Hispanic Media

Remember that if you run an SEM (pay-per-click) or online display advertising campaign in Spanish your landing page also needs to be in Spanish. Read More

June 4th, 2010


Be Polite

Always ask your guest (or associate) if they would like a glass of water or a cup of coffee before your meeting begins.  Set the tone and make them comfortable. Read More

May 6th, 2010


You Get What You Pay For

I love a great bargin just as much as you do BUT often times in advertising there is a reason why it’s a bargain.  Read the fine print, ask questions and most importantly go with your gut! Read More

April 21st, 2010

Robin Donovan

Job Hunting Tips for New Graduates

Send your cover letter and resume with clear direction as to which department you are interested in joining. When letters come in saying the writer wants a job “anywhere” in an ad agency it is clear that they don’t know the business well enough to know where they fit in. Read More

April 1st, 2010



Treat our clients with the respect we want them to show us. Read More

March 25th, 2010


Stay on Top of the Trends

Most traditional TV viewing continues to happen in the evening hours (M-SU 8-11pm) while “primetime” for online video viewing lasts from noon to 6pm, peaking at 4pm. Read More

March 8th, 2010

Kim Mickelsen

Don’t Overlook the Basics

Feeling data rich and insight poor? We’re inundated with data. It’s everywhere. We have performance data from our marketing efforts. We can slice and dice it every which way. Drill down into minuet detail. Yet, the sheer volume can sometimes be more confusing than helpful. Making it easy to overlook the obvious.
I was talking to a marketer today who was struggling to glean some insights from a mass of campaign data. He had an impressive amount of data on every imaginable part of the campaign, Read More