Bozell Managing Principal Robin Donovan Releases Her First Mystery Novel

December 5th, 2011

Robin Donovan, managing principal at Bozell, has published her first mystery novel, Is It Still Murder, Even If She Was A Bitch?, published by WriteLife.

Donovan is also the author of the award-winning blog Menologues, a humorous yet informative look at the trials and tribulations of menopause by someone who’s been there. Experiences from this and her experiences in advertising have been incorporated into the heroine of her first release, Donna Leigh.

Donna Leigh is a menopausal ad exec. When she receives the shocking news that a former colleague has been brutally murdered, she knows her vitriolic relationship with the victim will plant her squarely on the suspect list. She jumps right into the investigation in order to keep the wolves away from her door and manages to amuse, as well as impress, with her effective but unorthodox sleuthing.
Learn more about Is It Still Murder, Even If She Was A Bitch? and read an excerpt on Donovan’s website: Purchase your copy at“Donna Leigh is a menopausal woman, but you don’t have to be menopausal to relate to her. She could be your mother or your aunt, but she could just as easily be your co-worker and friend. She’s not every menopausal woman, but she is representative of the dynamic and vivacious qualities that exist in the majority of menopausal women today.”